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15 May

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BFN is running our first ever short course and the topic is feminist economics. Just over a year ago we hosted Dr Conor McCabe from the School of Social Justice at UCD to deliver an international women’s day lecture on this theme and what he shared had a room full of people with our minds fairly blown by ideas that we hadn’t ever heard articulated before. In the midst of as era where the global political and economic elite are punishing people for their greed, preaching austerity and claiming there is no alternative, it’s vital that we take a feminist look at where their ideology places women.

These workshops will be designed to equip us as an activist community to break through the ‘jargon’ that can keep economics so inaccessible and help us start to create a language of resistance that will mean something to people feeling the destructive effects of the cuts and debt created by the banks. Conor will be taking us through the issues in an accessible way and creating lots of space for discussion. The goal is that everyone gets the chance to learn something and that collectively we start to work out what that knowledge can mean when we use it politically!

You’ll notice there are 2 sessions on each day – it will be the same workshop repeated. We’re trying to cater for both people with daytime availability and those with evening availability. You can choose which session suits you best but we’re limited to 20 per session so get your name down fast by emailing

5/12/19 June 3pm or 6pm Realta Civic and Social Space, King Street Belfast

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