Belfast Feminist Network commission anti-rape film

3 Dec

As a group of busy activists/students/carers/workers/volunteers/everything else in between, the folks at Belfast Feminist Network wanted to do something for the 16 days of action on violence against women that we could work on slowly over that period and produce something important that we wanted to say on the subject of sexual violence, rape culture and victim-blaming. We’ve been doing research, planning a public event and we commissioned local film company Campaign Social to make a short film that will take the messages about how to really stop rape, to the public through the internet.

For the last 2 years we’ve been frustrated by the victim-blaming campaigns trotted out by the PSNI and DHSSPS that do little more than feed into the idea that rape should be prevented by controlling women’s behaviour and encourage a culture that makes excuses for rapists. We challenged this directly and in the press but to no avail. So we decided we might have to do the job ourselves. Earlier this year we had a fundraiser where Rachel Austin and a host of other amazingly talented local female musicians gave their time to help us raise money to produce a campaign of our own.

On Thursday 6th Dec at 6pm you will be able to view the results – the film will be launched here on our website for you to share as widely as possible. We’ve had a sneak peak and Campaign Social have done an amazing job –  it’s pretty powerful so we’re very hopeful about the impact it can have. Consider the countdown started! Check back for updates in the new few days, and please consider joining us for the official launch on Thursday at 7pm  in the Women’s Resource and Development Agency, Belfast. There will also be a candlelight vigil in Corn Market, Belfast City Centre on Friday 7th Dec from 5:30 – 6:30 when we will stand in solidarity with everyone who has experienced sexual violence and give out flyers about the film to the public. Please come along.

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