Join us on International Women’s Day!

3 Mar

Thursday 8th March 2012. A day to celebrate the achievements and general awesomeness of fearless feminist women, and to send up a rallying call for all the work that still needs to be done in pursuit of equality.

Speaking of rallying…there will be an IWD rally leaving the Art College Belfast at 11:00 and marching through the City Centre to the City Hall where speeches will take place at 12:00pm. I’m really humbled to have been asked to give a speech on the theme of the future of women’s rights and it’s fair to say I’m more than slightly bricking it. PLEASE come along under the Belfast Feminist Network banner and cheer loudly so that I don’t completely lose it and run away 🙂

THEN you are invited to come along to our most public event to date as we host one of our Feminist Forum panel discussion in the Ulster Hall, Group Space (upstairs) at 5pm. It would be fantastic to have lots of you there representing the Network and showing a real interest in hearing the stories of the courageous women we’ve been so lucky to get for this panel. Details are below. Whatever events you manage to fit in on IWD, have a great one! You can get the full programme of events for Belfast here courtesy of WRDA.

Kellie T

IWD Rush Hour Panel Discussion ‘Local Women: Global Perspectives’

Ulster Hall, Belfast 5-6pm

On International Women’s Day we would like to invite you to delve into the experiences of the international women living and working in our own city. If women’s voices are marginalised in the ongoing conversation about what Belfast is and has the potential to be, then the women who have come here from other parts of the world are even less visible. Belfast Feminist Network have invited a panel of such women to share their stories so that we can celebrate their contributions, be challenged by the struggles life here can present, and learn a little about the issues women face in their own home nations.

Chair: Louise Higgins (BFN, NICEM)
Assia El-Zaruk (Libya)
Mimi Unamoyo (DRC)
Rosa Wu (Taiwan, ROC)
Barbara Gabriella Renzi (Italy) – introducing her new documentary “Belfast: You Never Know!”

(Starts 5pm sharp due to 1 hr time limit on venue.)


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